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Who are we

We are nerds and geeks, obsessed with all things Web. We can spend our lunch breaks discussing the RBG of the turquoise shade that should be used for a hyperlink, or just playing a game of Foos ball while keeping a score on an automated card sheet we created. It is the attention to the little dots that excites and sets us apart from other companies.

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Mohsin Johar

Mohsin Johar

Co-Founder / Managing Partner

Always fascinated by the world of computer and technology, Mohsin Johar began his career as a programmer and gradually rose to the levels of becoming the "Real Guru of Web Application Development" as quoted by one of his mentors. Coming from an experienced programming background, Mohsin found his dream come true in the form of Black Dot Technologies, where he can not only practice his "perfected" project management process but also teach the value of providing an exceptional process oriented service to others. With a vision to lead in the technology world, Mohsin’s desire of perfection make him the perfect leader for Black Dot Technologies.

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