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Open Tech Alliance

Project Overview

We are nerds and geeks, obsessed with all things Web. We can spend our lunch breaks discussing the RBG of the turquoise shade that should be used for a hyperlink, or just playing a game of Foos ball while keeping a score on an automated card sheet we created. It is the attention to the little dots that excites and sets us apart from other companies.

Technologies & Tools

“The customer is always right” is an axiom that’s traveled the globe since the 19th century and is deeply ingrained in our subconsciousness. It’s become a guiding principle in today’s ever more service-oriented world; a phrase uttered in nearly every industry at one time or another. With all that being said…

Strategic Consulting

Every success story is grounded in a strategic plan. And that’s precisely why we plan our work and then work our plan to seamlessly execute every time.

UI / UX Design Services

Around here, we always find a way for beautiful design and amazing user experience to work hand in hand. Or as we like to call it: connecting the design dots.

Web Development

From a simple landing page to a robust online store, we leverage new approaches in web development to deliver innovative solutions.

Continuation Engineering

As your software product matures, it will inevitably need changes. From system vulnerability and patching to everything in between, we’re here for you.

Web Support

We leverage our expertise in enterprise resource planning and e-commerce to support you where and when you need it most.

Key Features

Key Features:

Key Benefits:

Key Benefits

Remind Tenants of Delinquent Self Storage Payments with INSOMNIAC™ XpressCollect

Offer your customers an effortless experience and your manager a way to avoid difficult conversations with automatic payment reminders and collections services that are easy to set up and extremely effective.

How It Works

INSOMNIAC XpressCollect is designed to make everyone’s lives easier. Once installed, the service automatically scans your property management system for tenants with past due bills based on your customized settings. Delinquent accounts are flagged and automatically sent a payment reminder via text and/or email with real-time information – complete with a phone number or payment link to make their self storage payments online.

For your convenience, all outbound storage collection calls and notifications are tracked and recorded.

Once payment reminders have been sent and collection calls have been made, INSOMNIAC XpressPay’s self storage software payment processing picks up where INSOMNIAC XpressCollect has left off.


Income Sent in

Due Date

Due Date Text


5 Days Later Email

Email Reminder

10 Days Later text &
Email Reminder

Mobile Notification

30 Days Later Text &
Email Overlock Notice

Convenient Online Self Storage Payments Made Possible with INSOMNIAC™ XpressPay

Our automatic interactive touch response storage collection system allows tenants to make their self storage online payments anywhere from their phone. INSOMNIAC XpressPay offers added fraud protection, as all self storage payments are processed through the facilities property management software while also handling balance inquiries, paid-thru dates and payment calls.

How It Works

By integrating directly through your existing PMS or phone line, INSOMNIAC XpressPay’s automated system allows tenants to settle their self storage payments from a mobile device using a series of prompts to follow. INSOMNIAC XpressPay utilizes interactive touch response for tenants to enter their account and credit or debit card information, and from there, will receive confirmation that their payment had been submitted.

With INSOMNIAC XpressPay’s self storage payment processing system, facility managers can now focus on other tasks, phone lines will remain clear to receive sales calls, and tenants will no longer need to wait to speak to a self storage manager to make their payments. Promoting productivity, task efficiency and allowing tenants to continue enjoying the convenient amenities your facilities have to offer is what OpenTech is all about.

Happy Customer

Nick Bonanno
A project that turned into the most successful product still operating today with the help of Black Dot and its team. The dedication of the Black Dot team to delivering quality on time and understanding the requirements in and out is what is made Txt Collector, an automatic payment reminder software, an easy feat to achieve.
TXT Collector
Nick Bonanno

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