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The Musical Chair around Website Development and Artificial Intelligence

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“Round and round we go! Where it stops nobody knows”

A Tribute to the Unknown Genius

Whoever, invented the game of musical chair was a Genius. The game is a stroke of brilliance – explaining one simple truth of life – in order to survive be aware of what is happening around (the sound) and once you have the opportunity (the music stops) grab it before anyone else does (go for the nearest chair), thus eliminating one competition at a time (removing chairs as each participant leaves).

The Chairs

The above analogy holds true in every walk of life. Today, our walk of life is the Technology. Every blinking moment, we are amazed at advances that is being conjured like magic. It feels like the music is on a non-stop loop and the players’ just keep adding (businesses) because of new technologies (chairs). First, the only chair in the play was the Internet, then came the website, then Internet speed and so on. Just to think that we still had had not enough of Website Technology and its Implication, and now Artificial Intelligence is up for grabs.

To make things simpler, we would only be talking about two of the most important chairs: Website & Artificial Intelligence. Why? It is the two most important things that people are running around today to remain ahead of the competition.

Website Development and Design

First up – Website development and design. More than a decade ago, web development was limited to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. With time, it become complex (only for the betterment) with new languages and versions being introduced almost every day. With that said, as more and more businesses started to find themselves on the Internet, the need to have enhanced user experience and interface became a priority. Thus, website development and design in itself has become a work-in-progress.


Whether to build a website in CMS (content management system) or to have it built on a custom framework; whether to add a shopping cart or a payment gateway; whether to have static graphics or to have videos – are the questions that businesses keep asking because there is no right answer to it. What once worked may not work today given the changes in customer demands therefore a business has to keep evolving with it using the options that are available to them today. One such technology that is changing how websites are designed and developed is Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence

Let’s talk about the chair that is still in the making but businesses are already pulling on its legs. Why? It is believed that artificial intelligence can help us in problem-solving, representation of knowledge, reasoning, natural language processing, perception, social and general intelligence, and planned machine learning. It is suggested by Merrill Lynch that the market for artificial intelligence will reach around $153 billion over the next decade. Every industry has started to incorporate different forms of artificial intelligence. For instance, transportation industry uses cameras, lasers, and radars to track surroundings as they move from point to point to be known as self-driven cars.

Even though the applications of artificial intelligence is currently used in different industries for carrying out different tasks, the biggest industry to benefit from it is the web design and development. This is because it is believed that artificial intelligence can enhance the website experience for a customer and provide that personalized human touch which was lost in the digitalization. It will take time but we will get there eventually.

So, the only question remains now – who wins? Who gets to sit on these awesome chairs?

Who will be the Winner?

The answer to this question, some might disagree, is simple – anyone who can leverage the power of both web development and artificial intelligence together is a winner. How? Here are a few notes on web development and artificial intelligence that you can understand to make your business more consumer-centric:

Making Development Process Lean

Since the AI machine is capable of handling mundane and repeatable tasks with accuracy and quickly, it allows a developer to focus on strategic matters. This makes the web development and management process more effective having a profound impact on your ultimate business – ability to create more leads.

Better Replies via Chat bots

Website is considered to be your 24/7 sales agent. Most websites have options of “talk to representative” or “chats”. Either both the options are on automatic responders or a customer representative will be answering the queries. With artificial intelligence in play, these chat bots can now communicate more effectively than an automatic responder and can work 24/7 unlike your customer representative. This will help you to communicate with your customers effectively and have that human-touch as well.

Enhanced User Experience

Have you ever wondered, how when you search for a product or a service and then certain webpages you are browsing will start showing you related product or service advertisements? Well, it’s not artificial intelligence but sort of a similar code that works on same principle. What artificial intelligence can do is understand user preference plus moods and then can present the context for the customer. This will give you a chance to show the customer exactly what they are looking for when they browse your website giving user experience a push in the new direction.

Voice-based Search

With Alexa and Siri in play, it is not far when such features will be available as web bots to be placed on websites to help customers search the web more easily and efficiently based on their voice commands. This will allow websites to become more humane and intuitive as artificial intelligent powered bots will be able to make voice searches more effective.

All these notes make the music that is loudly chiming in the game of “technology chair”. It is hard to say when it might stop but if you are unable to understand it, you will be have no seat left. Let Black Dot Technologies help you understand the music around you and seat you as a winner in both web development and artificial intelligence.

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