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Website – What it means for the ‘Living Dead’

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A group of businessmen hide out in a bunker and try to survive the technological era against an ever-growing army of “online marketing tools for business”.


London (1990s): The drops of heavy rainfall against the window were the only audible sound that could be heard in the lab. Sir Tim Berners – Lee and his associates were huddled around a computer, when the final lines of code were written and the only thing left to do was press “Enter.” With hearts pounding against their chests, and the trembling finger just finding its way to the button, Sir Tim Berners softly pressed “Enter” and like magic, the first page popped open on the Internet. Shouts of excitement echoed through the empty halls as Sir Tim knew that the true power of Internet can now be unleashed into the world.

The World (Present Day): In just a decade, that first page, turned into thousands as hundreds and thousands of people started creating their own pages for personal and professional use and thus creating an illusion of becoming mindless monsters.

In the midst of the wide-spreading creativity and collaboration, there were those who became skeptical of this disease and formed their own sect calling the monsters as “The Living Dead”. Little did they know, that were the ones becoming the monsters that everyone will start to fear soon!

The Plot

Living in the time where you are not yet fully ready to let go of the past because you fear losing that human-touch while also wanting to embrace the magical tech-touch, might become all too frightening. As a person who has grown up playing “Tag” – the human-touch version and now “Laser-Tag” – the no-human touch version, I can fully understand where the sect is coming from. In short, it is the fear of losing the human connectivity that justifies their hiding.

For instance, in business, the once “Hello! How can I help you?” with a warm smile was enough to melt that winter chill. Now, the convenience of wrapped in a warm blanket and filling our shopping carts with one touch makes up for the warm and courteous smile that they were so used to. It is not that we have become monsters, it the convenience that Internet brings us, has changed the way we do business today.

According to the 2016 study by, almost 50% of small businesses in USA whereas, 1.98 million small to medium businesses in UK did not have a website because they believe that websites are not relevant to their business. The reason behind as it is that they have developed a mantra that keeps them safe from being infected:


What such businesses or the sect fail to realize are the opportunities that they are missing out on. For instance, a Website can help increase the credibility and bring in more customers otherwise, you will no longer be a part of the competition. According to different reports and studies, in USA and Canada alone, more than 88.5% of the people are using the Internet and Websites for information, selling, or even buying. The benefits of having a website outweigh the benefits of not having a website 5 to 0:


As Bill Gates once said,

“If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business.”

The Reveal

The 1968 classic of George Romero has had over three re-makes in this century. These re-makes teach us that no matter what the time, some classics do not lose their essence and can be adopted to fit the present. The same goes for any business. No matter how old your business is, it can be modernized to fit the needs of the present without losing its essence. It is time to come out the hiding. Reach out to the people at Black Dot Technologies and they will help you take a stand otherwise, YOU will become the Living Dead.

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